Indonesian Numbers

The good news for most of the world, as Bahasa Indonesia is using Latin script, it's also using Arabic numerals to present digits. In fact, the Arabic numerals have been used long before Bahasa Indonesia is created. Inscriptions that as old as around the founding of Srivijaya Empire with Arabic numerals have been found in Indonesia.

It should be noted that Bahasa Indonesia is using a dot (.) as digit grouping mark and a comma (,) as decimal mark (e.g., 1.234.567,89) which probably is inherited from Netherland or Portugal, or both. Nowadays though, this style is usually only used for currency as people tend to use no digit grouping mark at all (e.g., 1234567,89). The latter is more common, and even bank notes are written without digit grouping mark. The digits after comma is read digit by digit.

Now, let's learn how to say the numbers in Indonesian.

Basic digits in Indonesian.
Numeral Indonesian IPA
0 nol /nol/
1 satu /satu/
2 dua /dua/
3 tiga /tiga/
4 empat /əmpat/
5 lima /lima/
6 enam /ənam/
7 tujuh /tud͡ʒʊh/*
8 delapan /dəlapan/
9 sembilan /səmbilan/

*Also spelled as /tud͡ʒuh/ or sometimes /tud͡ʒu/.

The word for 101 is puluh (/pulʊh/ or /puluh/). Numbers from 11 to 19 is using belas (/bəlas/) for suffix -teen, including 11 and 12. For example, 12 is read as dua belas instead of sepuluh dua.

Numeral Indonesian IPA
Tens in Indonesian.
10 sepuluh /səpulʊh/*
11 sebelas /səbəlas/*
12 dua belas /dua bəlas/
13 tiga belas /tiga bəlas/
14 empat belas /əmpat bəlas/
15 lima belas /lima bəlas/
16 enam belas /ənam bəlas/
17 tujuh belas /tud͡ʒʊh bəlas/
18 delapan belas /dəlapan bəlas/
19 sembilan belas /səmbilan bəlas/
20 dua puluh /dua pulʊh/
30 tiga puluh /tiga pulʊh/
40 empat puluh /əmpat pulʊh/
50 lima puluh /lima pulʊh/
60 enam puluh /ənam pulʊh/
70 tujuh puluh /tud͡ʒʊh pulʊh/
80 delapan puluh /dəlapan pulʊh/
90 sembilan puluh /səmbilan pulʊh/
87 delapan puluh tujuh /dəlapan pulʊh tud͡ʒʊh/

abNotice the irregular sepuluh (10; /səpulʊh/) and sebelas (11; /səbəlas/). Se- itself means "one" and most of Indonesian words associated with "one" is prefixed with this. For example: seorang (a; lit. "a man"), sebuah (a; lit. "a fruit"), seribu (1000; one thousand), sejalan (parallel; in accordance; lit. "one way"), selaras (in tune; harmonious; lit. "one harmony"), sehati (to agree, to sympathize; lit. "one heart").

The word for 102 is ratus (/ratʊs/ or /ratus/) and the word for 103 is ribu (/ribu/). 104 can be written as laksa (/laksa/) although puluh ribu is far more common. 106 is juta (/d͡ʒuta/). In exception of the irregular seratus (100; /səratʊs/) and seribu (100; /səribu/), everything else is regular. Irregular sejuta for a million can be used in colloquial settings, but the regular satu juta is far more common.

Indonesia is officially using the term miliar (/miliar/, sometimes /miljar/, from the long scale Dutch word miljard) for 109, but as Indonesia follows the short scale, the term biliun (/biliʊn/, sometimes /biljʊn/)—that is billion—is also recognized. 1012 is called triliun (/triliʊn/, sometimes /triljʊn/). Terms greater than triliun are rarely used by Indonesians, so there's no official loanword for them so far.

Numeral Indonesian IPA
Complex examples.
3,14159265359 tiga koma satu empat satu lima sembilan dua enam lima tiga lima sembilan /tiga koma satu əmpat satu lima səmbilan dua ənam lima tiga lima səmbilan/
212 dua ratus dua belas /dua ratʊs dua bəlas/
777 tujuh ratus tujuh puluh tujuh /tud͡ʒʊh ratʊs tud͡ʒʊh pulʊh tud͡ʒʊh/
1.000,00 seribu koma nol nol /səribu koma nol nol/
1.024 seribu dua puluh empat /səribu dua pulʊh əmpat/
16.384 enam belas ribu tiga ratus delapan puluh empat /ənam bəlas ribu tiga ratʊs dəlapan pulʊh əmpat/
262.144 dua ratus enam puluh dua ribu seratus empat puluh empat /dua ratʊs ənam pulʊh dua ribu səratʊs əmpat pulʊh əmpat/
1.048.576 satu juta empat puluh delapan ribu lima ratus tujuh puluh enam /satu d͡ʒuta əmpat pulʊh dəlapan ribu lima ratʊs tud͡ʒʊh pulʊh ənam/
4.294.967.296 empat miliar dua ratus sembilan puluh empat juta sembilan ratus enam puluh tujuh ribu dua ratus sembilan puluh enam /əmpat miliar dua ratʊs səmbilan pulʊh əmpat d͡ʒuta səmbilan ratʊs ənam pulʊh tud͡ʒʊh ribu dua ratʊs səmbilan pulʊh ənam/

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